TIL in Golang: Time, Type Conversion & Assertion, First class functions

by @ilango

Time package in Golang is, honestly, the most pain-in-the-ass, annoying shit ever. I did NOT have a good time debugging issues in the exercise. The other ones were pretty clear, mostly. Type Assertion also made me pull my hair out a bit, but not as much as time. xD

Fortunately, time was the last concept I had to learn in the Go syllabus on Exercism. Now on to the other exercises, 1 or 2 a day. Also, it's time to dive into some projects from this project-based learning repo: https://github.com/practical-tutorials/project-based-learning#go

Time: https://exercism.org/tracks/go/exercises/booking-up-for-beauty/solutions/ilango
Type Conversion & Assertion: https://exercism.org/tracks/go/exercises/sorting-room/solutions/ilango
First class functions: https://exercism.org/tracks/go/exercises/expenses/solutions/ilango

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